I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for another successful fundraising quarter. I am truly humbled by the support we’ve received from thousands of Floridians since the beginning of this campaign. Thanks to grassroots support from people like you,...

BREAKING: New Poll Shows Congressman Southerland in Trouble

I wanted you to hear the exciting news from me first:  A brand new poll just released shows that Congressman Southerland would lose to a Democratic challenger if the election were held today. Not only that, but the poll also shows that his approval ratings are under water. The...

Gwen Graham Urges Congressman Southerland to Donate Taxpayer Funded Salary After Voting to Shutdown Government

For Immediate Release: October 1, 2013 Julia Gill Woodward, Campaign Manager 850-559-8914 TALLAHASSEE, FLA. — Last night, Congressman Steve Southerland predictably chose to play government shutdown politics.  Gwen Graham issued the following statement,...

Gwen Graham: Paralyzing political gamesmanship from Congress has become the new normal

Dysfunction and paralyzing political gamesmanship from Congress has sadly become America’s new normal. Washington has never been more disconnected from the real lives of everyday Americans.  Members of Congress far too often forget that we send them to the Capitol, not to fight...

Statement from Gwen Graham Urging Congressman Southerland to Stop Dysfunctional Washington Politics As Government Shutdown Looms

Julia Gill Woodward, Campaign Manager 850-559-8914 September 18, 2013 TALLAHASSEE, FLA. – As the dysfunctional politics of those in Washington like Congressman Steve Southerland seriously threaten a total government shutdown, Gwen Graham issued the following...

Serving Our Veterans

Most politicians spend the first period of their campaigns more concerned with courting lobbyists than listening to voters. I’m committed to running a different kind of campaign – a grassroots effort modeled after my father’s successful campaigns – dedicated to meeting Floridians...