Gwen’s Fighting for Farmers

This weekend I visited the Florida A&M University Research Farm in Gadsden County for the 4th annual FAMU Farm Fest. Agriculture is important to North Florida’s economy and it’s a valued part of our heritage. Farming is an honest source of income for hard working...

We just received our first batch of “Graham for U.S. Congress” bumper stickers, and Gwen wants you to have one first! Contribute just $5 or more in the next 48 hours — and we’ll send you one of our brand new bumper stickers! Be the first in your neighborhood to...

Honoring our heroes

This Memorial Day we all come together as Americans to honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice  to keep our country free. More than 1.3 million Americans have died while serving our country. They come from every race and ethnicity, every religion and background —...

EXCITING NEWS: EMILY’s List endorses Gwen Graham

I’m proud to tell you EMILY’s List has announced they’re supporting my campaign to be an independent voice in Congress. EMILY’s List, with more than two million members, works to elect strong female candidates who are willing to stand up for women and families – a commitment I’ve...

Breaking News: Gwen selected in Jumpstart

It’s clear we’re in for a tough fight. Governor Rick Scott just hosted a private fundraiser for Congressman Steve Southerland — and outside groups are already attacking our campaign. But, there is good news!  Today, we were added to an elite Jumpstart program for top-tier...

John Boehner wants to pay China before our Troops

John Boehner and the broken Tea Party Congress have sunk to a new low: They’re proposing we prioritize China over paying our troops.  Instead of finding real solutions to America’s problems, Congress has only passed phony fixes that are delaying a full economic recovery. Now they...

Cancer Patients, Meals on Wheels Still Grounded

Just in time to catch flights out of Washington for a week off from work, Congress passed a bill to ease air traffic delays. This means their vacation flights may be on time, but Congress has yet to act on cuts that are harming cancer patients in rural areas, seniors dependent on...

Breaking News: Washington politicians attack Gwen

We just got word that Republican politicians in Washington are launching a paid ad campaign targeting Gwen. We knew these right-wing attacks were coming, but not this early. It’s because they are nervous about Gwen’s campaign — they know she can win. We can’t sit back as...

Fighting to Protect North Florida’s Heritage

This weekend I visited Sopchoppy for the 13th Annual Worm Gruntin’ Festival. No one knows exactly when worm gruntin’ started in North Florida – but for as long as anyone can remember, it’s been an honest source of income for hard working folks. Celebrating the community of...

Serving Our Veterans

Most politicians spend the first period of their campaigns more concerned with courting lobbyists than listening to voters. I’m committed to running a different kind of campaign – a grassroots effort modeled after my father’s successful campaigns – dedicated to meeting Floridians...