Graham Campaign Releases New Ad Holding Southerland Accountable for His False Attacks on National Security

Just hours after struggling incumbent Congressman Steve Southerland launched the latest in his series of increasingly frantic and false ads attacking North Florida’s Gwen Graham, the Gwen Graham Campaign rapidly responded with a new ad holding Congressman Southerland accountable for false attacks on Graham over national security and highlighting Graham’s own focus on defeating the ISIS terrorist threat in Syria and Iraq.

Graham has consistently admonished Congress and The White House for being too slow in their response to the ISIS threat. Graham favors aggressive and unrelenting airstrikes against ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq, and has echoed Senator Bill Nelson’s call for more Special Forces units to infiltrate and destroy the ISIS terrorist network where they hide.

The ad can be viewed here.

“Steve Southerland’s been quick with his frantic and false attacks on Gwen Graham, while Gwen believes Southerland and Washington were way too slow in attacking the ISIS terrorist threat,” said Graham spokesman Eric Conrad. “Gwen Graham is a wife and mother of three who believes the U.S. must be aggressive in protecting American families from terrorists like ISIS. Today’s ad makes Gwen’s position on national security abundantly clear, and Congressman Southerland should pay attention.”



Male VO: Steve Southerland’s desperate campaign…now frantic and pathetic.
Male VO: Falsely attacking Gwen Graham on national security while Graham stays focused on attacking ISIS.
Male VO: A wife and mother of three Gwen Graham says the President and Congress were too slow protecting our families from the ISIS threat.
Male VO: The Graham approach: Aggressive airstrikes in Syria and Iraq.
Male VO: Echoing Senator Bill Nelson’s call for Special Forces units to destroy ISIS where they hide.
Male VO: That’s leadership. That’s Gwen Graham.
Gwen Graham: I’m Gwen Graham. And I approve this message.