Graham Tops $2 Million in First Year

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Representative Gwen Graham announced she has raised more than $2 million and has over $1.7 million cash on hand, heading into the new year. The campaign raised $437,000 in the last quarter, and Graham is expected to again rank among the top Democratic fundraisers in the country.

“I’m incredibly thankful for all the support we’ve received,” Rep. Graham said. “Our supporters know we’re building more than a campaign — we’re building a movement of people who believe we can accomplish real change when we work together.”

2 Million

In 2015, the campaign received more than 16,000 donations from over 8,000 donors. Of those contributions, more than 13,000 were donated online, with an average contribution of $16.52 — showing the campaign is continuing to expand its grassroots base.

“As I begin my second year of service, I’m committed to continue providing the best constituent services and fighting to bring the North Florida Way to Congress,” Rep. Graham said. “I’m proud of the success we’ve had so far, and I know, together, we can accomplish even more.”