Graham Wins Second Debate with Focus on Bipartisanship and Compromise That Will Help Break Gridlock in Congress for Middle Class Families

At the second debate in the race for Florida’s Second Congressional District, Gwen Graham reiterated her commitment to providing new leadership in Congress focused on the North Florida Way of working across the aisle and helping middle-class families. While Congressman Southerland blamed the national media, Senate Democrats, and everyone but himself, he gave the majority of the members of Tiger Bay more than enough reason to vote for Gwen Graham in their straw poll.

“Gwen Graham has consistently provided concrete examples of how she will work to fix this messed up Congress. Combined with her genuine interest to work with Republicans and Democrats to make government work for North Floridians, Gwen Graham was the clear winner of this debate,” said Campaign Manager Julia Gill Woodward.

Congressman Southerland had one goal at today’s debate: distract from his own record of shutting down the government, jeopardizing Medicare and Social Security, and voting against priorities like equal pay – but he failed to do so. Gwen Graham kept the pressure on Congressman Southerland and held him accountable for his record of partisan and dysfunctional Washington politics that is far out-of-step with North Floridians.