Gwen Graham Announces ‘Graham Sunshine Plan’ to Improve Transparency in Congress

sunshine planToday, Gwen Graham announced the details of her plan to increase transparency and accountability in Congress dubbed the “Graham Sunshine Plan.” The proposal included six policies ranging from the release of a daily public schedule to increased reporting for travel.

“Sunshine is what makes our state such a beautiful place to live, and sunshine is what will make my office accountable to the public,” said Gwen Graham. “Part of the North Florida Way is doing the right thing for the people you serve in an open and honest way, which means the public should know what you are doing on the taxpayer’s dime.”

The plan includes six proposed reforms that would help increase the amount of oversight the public has over Congress and safeguard taxpayer dollars. The policies include:

-       Daily public schedules posted online

-       Disclosure of all trips that are funded by taxpayers or at which policy is discussed

-       Closing the Foreign Government-Sponsored Travel Loophole

-       Regulating Special Interest Money in politics and campaigns

-       Shining a Light on Government Meetings that aren’t open to press

-       Rejecting Congressional Perks

“Government operates best when the interests of the people come before party, special interests, and personal gain, which is what the Graham Sunshine Plan will help to address once I am elected to Congress,” said Gwen Graham.

For the full plan, click here.