At the first debate in the race for Florida’s Second Congressional District, Gwen Graham articulated a clear plan to bring the North Florida Way of hard work and compromise back to Congress. Gwen demonstrated a commitment to growing North Florida’s economy and protecting women and families. “Gwen Graham’s plan to fight for the needs of North Floridians in Congress was the clear winner of Tuesday’s debate,” said Campaign Manager Julia Gill Woodward. “Her plan to help grow the economy... Read More →
Before Tuesday’s debate even started, Steve Southerland already started lying.   ​Steve Southerland says Gwen Graham ‘was a Washington lobbyist’ By Joshua Gillin on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 at 10:24 a.m. Republican congressman Steve Southerland is throwing attack after attack against his Democratic challenger, Gwen Graham, including the dreaded L-word: “lobbyist.” In a Sept. 10, 2014, campaign commercial, Southerland, who represents a northern Florida... Read More →
Julia Gill Woodward, Gwen Graham’s Campaign Manager, has issued the following statement after Congressman Southerland asked if Graham has “ever been to a lingerie party?”:  “This isn’t just stuff Steve Southerland says; given his pattern of troubling actions and disturbing comments, it is obviously what Steve Southerland believes.  Southerland says these things out of a fundamental disrespect for women.“Only if Southerland disrespects women could he hold an... Read More →
Gwen Graham has released a new TV ad entitled “Succeed,” highlighting how Gwen will bring the North Florida Way back to Congress in order to get Washington focused on priorities that will help North Floridians succeed – like job growth, economic development, education and protecting vital programs that our seniors have earned. “I know neither Republicans nor Democrats are right 99 percent of the time. We need to be working together and developing the right policies –... Read More →
After a week of headlines highlighting Congressman Southerland’s men-only fundraiser, Congressman Southerland returned to DC with bad headlines chasing him. First, the Tampa Bay Times dubbed the Southerland their “Loser of the Week,” saying that Southerland “already faces a tough re-election challenge from Democrat Gwen Graham of Tallahassee,” and that “It didn’t help the incumbent when BuzzFeed last week reported that in March Southerland held a men-only fundraiser.” Addi... Read More →
Sep 2014
I recently got the chance to visit with old friends in Jefferson County while meeting new supporters as well. Together we opened a new field office in Monticello and talked about the issues that are important to North Floridians: good-paying jobs, quality education, and protecting the services our seniors rely on like Medicare and Social Security. Regional Field Director Edward James kicked things off with some updates on how field operations are growing in strength everyday. He started... Read More →
Today after a ride along with an officer from the FAMU Police Department, the Florida Police Benevolent Association announced their endorsement of Gwen Graham at a press conference at their headquarters. “The PBA is proud to be standing with Gwen Graham. Her goal to bring the North Florida Way of hard work and cooperation back to Congress is exactly what Washington, DC needs right now,” said Matt Puckett, Executive Director of the Florida Police Benevolent Association.... Read More →
We are excited to debut a new web video that includes footage from our recent Grilling with the Grahams tour. Watch it and then share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter to get them involved in our campaign to bring the North Florida Way to Washington! Read More →
With our Grilling with the Grahams tour in the books, I want to give an at-a-glance look at our wonderful time in all 14 counties. It’s been an absolute pleasure bringing all of you along with my family, and seeing the support my mom received at each stop along the way is amazing. Election day is getting closer, and the momentum is truly growing here in North Florida. Watch our Grilling with the Grahams videos again and relive the fun! - Mark / Read More →
Jul 2014
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Meet Mark

Starting tomorrow, and through the  Grilling with the Graham’s tour, my son, Mark Ernest, will be keeping you all updated on the adventures of the “Graham Fam” with a daily blog and behind the scenes videos and interviews. The youngest of three, Mark was born and raised in Tallahassee, and a fellow graduate of Leon High School. Mark will be a sophomore next year in college and has been working at the Tallahassee Headquarters throughout this summer as an intern. Keep an eye... Read More →
With our 14-county tour of the Second Congressional District less than a week away, I wanted to give you a by-the-numbers sneak peek at what will be included in this eight-day ride through North Florida with the Graham Family, where Gwen will be talking to voters and supporters about what the North Florida Way means to them and how she plans to fight for it in Congress. Grilling with the Grahams By the Numbers: 14  Counties to visit throughout the 2nd District 8    Days of food, fun, and... Read More →
Jul 2014
There was a packed crowd at Waterworks last night for our Rock N’ Roll party with Jon “Bowzer” Bauman from Sha Na Na! The night began with the first official endorsement from Bauman’s Senior Votes Count!, an organization dedicated to the support of seniors and the programs they’ve earned like Medicare and Social Security. “I love the music of the 50s, but that doesn’t mean I want to return to a time before Medicare, a time when 30% of seniors lived... Read More →
Jul 2014
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My Day at Fades

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of joining owner Marlon Williams and the rest of the employees at Fades Professional Barber Shop in Tallahassee for my twelfth workday. In between sweeping floors, taking out trash, or answering phones I had the opportunity to discuss the issues facing the owner, employees, and customers of Fades. It isn’t a coincidence that I heard the same concerns Saturday that I have been hearing since my first workday over a year ago. As the owner Williams said... Read More →
Jul 2014
Today I pledged to reject the wasteful Congressional perks being exploited by those in Washington. Rather than ending the squabbling that has prevented any progress, this do-nothing Congress is more concerned with protecting the taxpayer-funded perks they receive just for getting elected. When our Congress, including Congressman Southerland, is more concerned with a gym discount than the welfare of our people, change is needed. I will be a watchdog of our tax dollars against... Read More →
Jul 2014
Excited to release our two new TV ads today! Both ads highlight my commitment to bringing the North Florida Way of cooperation and problem solving to Washington to end the gridlock that is hurting all people of this community. There is no room for squabbling in North Florida, why should there be in Congress? Watch the ads here:   Boats:   Results: Thanks for your support, Gwen Read More →
Today I had the honor of having lunch with local civil rights leaders in the Tallahassee area to mark the passage of the Civil Rights Act (CRA) which was signed into law fifty years ago today by President Lyndon Johnson. We met at Olean’s Cafe near FAMU’s campus and had a very important discussion about the effects of the CRA at the local level and the work that is left to be done in the community.    It was so humbling to hear stories about Tallahassee’s history of change... Read More →
In a letter that has been hand-delivered to Congressman Southerland’s Panama City campaign headquarters, I have urged Congressman Southerland to participate in a series of debates so North Florida residents can learn directly from both candidates about the differences in our values, records, and beliefs.  There’s a clear contrast in this race between Congressman Southerland’s Washington politics and the North Florida approach of compromise and problem-solving I’m running... Read More →
It was an eventful couple of days on the campaign trail this past weekend. On Friday night my husband Steve and I attended the 100 Black Men of Tallahassee Annual Black Tie Gala. The Gala was a great example of people working together for the betterment of our youth. Highlighted by six different scholarships for graduates of our local high schools, 100 Black Men of Tallahassee is constantly striving to uplift the community by positively affecting the lives of our children and their futures.... Read More →
This past Saturday was one of the most exciting days of the campaign yet. We opened up our new Tallahassee office and it was amazing to see new and old friends there. With a crowd of over 150 in attendance, the event was standing-room only,and all around me I could feel the excitement for our campaign. After being able to speak with supporters about issues facing them, or just to share fond memories, it came time to start the program. North Florida Field Director Jenn Whitcomb began by... Read More →
Jun 2014
Today is the day – we are up on TV with our first ad titled “The North Florida Way” in which I call for a new approach in Congress. You have been with me since the beginning and I wanted to make sure you had the chance to see it first! I am working hard everyday to spread our message of more problem solving and less partisanship in Congress, but I need your help.  Please watch our ad and pitch in $5 to keep us up on air! While we are excited to be releasing our first ad,... Read More →