Southerland Stands By His Government Shutdown, with Some Added Hypocrisy

One year ago, Congressman Southerland doubled-down on his government shutdown that hurt our veterans, seniors, middle-class families and small businesses – showing North Floridians that his hyper-partisan politics were more important than our values. Today, on the front page of the Panama City News Herald, voters learned that his views haven’t changed.


Here’s what the Tallahassee Democrat said one year ago: “Southerland and Rubio put politics first.” [Tallahassee Democrat, 10/17/13]

And here’s what Congressman Southerland is saying today on his government shutdown: “I think that makes me acceptable to the majority of my district.” [Panama City News Herald, 10/16/14]

And to mark the anniversary of the shutdown ending, here’s an extra, bonus example of Southerland’s shutdown hypocrisy:

- During the shutdown: Congressman Southerland said Congress needed to “eliminat[e] the special privileges provided to members of Congress under the health care law.”

- Just last night: Southland admits to buying insurance on the DC marketplace where he gets the same “special privileges” that he shut down the government over. See the video here.