Graham Peanut Farm WorkdayI’m blessed to have grown up with such an inspiring father. In our private life and in public life, my dad, Bob Graham, has always served as a role model to my three sisters and me.

Citizens across Florida and our nation love my father because of his unwavering service to our state and country. And one thing almost every Floridian remembers about Bob Graham are his famous Workdays.

Bob Graham Bellhop  WorkdayIn 1977, when he decided to run for governor, my dad started working full shifts, next to hard-working Floridians. His Workdays ranged from backbreaking jobs as a bellboy to patrolling the streets with police officers.

When he retired from the Senate in 2005, he had performed more than 400 Workdays in Florida!

Growing up, I saw firsthand how much dad learned on his Workdays — and more importantly the friendships he made on them. That’s why when I ran for public office, I decided to carry on dad’s Workday tradition.

I spent my first Workday as a cashier inside the Tallahassee Street Chef food truck in June of 2013, and over the past three years I’ve worked more than two dozen jobs. I’ve worked all sorts of jobs, from a peanut farmer to a fighter pilot at Tyndall Air Force Base.

My Workdays have provided me with invaluable information you can only learn on the job. And I know when an issue comes up in Congress, I have new friends I can ask for advice, and they know I’m there to help them, too.