May 2, 2017 Notebook

My Love for Florida

I want you to be among the first to know: I’m running for governor of Florida.

After enduring almost twenty years of state government with the wrong priorities looking out for the wrong people, we do not have time for typical politics, stale rhetoric or the same old promises.

We do not have time to be vague. This is the time to paint Florida’s future in sharp lines, and bold colors.

As a proud graduate of Florida public schools, a mother, and a former PTA president – I believe those sharp lines must begin with education. That’s why I announced my campaign for governor next to Miami Carol City Senior High, where I performed a full Workday teaching classes, listening to teachers, and even serving lunch in a hairnet.

On my Workday, I saw firsthand the negative effects of the endless high-stakes testing and school grades the state legislature has forced on our parents, teachers, and students. As governor, I’ll end Florida’s one-size-fits-all curriculum and stop making educators “teach to the test.”

I’m driven by my love for the people of our state. That’s why it breaks my heart to see so many Floridians working so hard but still struggling — doing whatever it takes just to get by. As governor, I’ll raise the minimum wage, pass paid sick leave, and diversify our economy to create good-paying jobs.

And my love for Florida begins and ends with our precious environment. As governor, I will use Amendment One funds as voters intended, fight oil drilling off our beaches, and ban fracking.

If you share my priorities, sign on in support of our campaign. Add your name to let me know I can count on you!

Winning won’t be easy. Florida hasn’t elected a Democratic governor since 1994. We have our work cut out for us.

But I know how to win. In the 2014 Republican wave, pundits didn’t think my campaign for the U.S. House had a chance — but with the help of thousands of volunteers and grassroots donors, we were one of just two Democrats in the entire country to defeat a sitting Republican in Congress.

And I know with your help, we can win again.

I want you to know one thing about me:

My love for Florida runs deep. My dreams for Florida run wide. But my patience for inaction has run out. That is why I’m running for governor — and that is why I’m determined to win.

Are you determined to win? Sign up to support our campaign now.

All my best,