October 9, 2017 Press Release

Graham Pledges Florida Clean Power Plan

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Responding to reports Donald Trump will dismantle President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan, Gwen Graham is pledging to enact a Florida clean power plan.

“Donald Trump and the politicians in Tallahassee have their heads in the sand. Our state is already feeling the effects of climate change and sea level rise — a single hurricane just destroyed countless homes, took dozens of lives and knocked out power across our entire state,” Graham said. “I was proud to support President Obama’s Clean Power Plan in Congress, and, as governor, I will fight for Florida to enact a clean power plan to meet those goals.”

Graham is the only candidate in the race for governor to have voted to defend President Obama’s Clean Power Plan in Congress. It would reduce the carbon pollution from fossil-fueled power plants 32 percent below 2005 levels by 2030 and would save the average household save about $85 a year on its energy bills.

“The Clean Power Plan takes aggressive actions to combat climate change and protect clean air, while also creating jobs and lowering energy prices,” Graham said. “Florida can’t afford to wait for the federal government to act. As governor, I will implement a renewable energy standard, cut carbon emissions and create clean energy jobs.”

According to the Energy Information Administration, renewable energy accounts for less than 2.5 of Florida’s energy portfolio.

“As governor, I will work with Democrats and Republicans to cut the regulatory red tape that prevents homeowners from purchasing solar energy and I will appoint PSC commissioners who understand the threat of climate change and the need to support clean energy,” Graham said. “It’s not just crucial to combating climate change, it makes economic sense. We can protect our beaches from oil drilling, our water from fracking and make the Sunshine State the Solar State, all while creating good paying jobs.”

When Trump announced he would withdraw the country from the Paris Climate Agreement in June, Graham proposed a plan for Florida to join the coalition of states upholding the plan to combat climate change and she’s presented a plan to make the Sunshine State the solar state by implementing a renewable energy standard and ending Florida’s ban on power purchasing agreements.