April 3, 2018 Press Release

Graham’s First Ad: Donald Trump Is An Embarrassment

In her first digital ad, Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham is coming out swinging at President Donald Trump, calling him an embarrassment and bully, while emphasizing her credentials to bring people together and stand up for Florida.

“Donald Trump is an embarrassment. Donald Trump is an example of a bully,” Graham says in her ad. “I see it as my job to stand up to Donald Trump. It is the governor’s job to look out for the state of Florida. And I will look out for the state of Florida. Donald Trump is not going to be able to stand in my way of doing what’s right for the people of Florida.”

Graham is placing a significant buy behind the ad across various digital platforms, starting with targeting in Palm Beach, where Trump and administration officials will continue to visit Mar-a-Lago through the month of April, before expanding the ad statewide.

“While our country and state face serious challenges, Donald Trump is still taking weekly vacations to Mar-a-Lago and spending much of his time on the golf course,” said Graham. “I hope Trump sees this ad during one of the many occasions he is checking Twitter because I want him to know that I will always put Florida first.”

Holding divisive politicians accountable and emphasizing her determination to bring people together are familiar themes for Graham, who beat an extreme Republican incumbent Congressman in 2014. She is the only candidate in the race for governor, Democrat or Republican, who has beaten an incumbent or won a competitive partisan race.

“We have a president that could not be more ill-suited to be president of the United States of America,” Graham says. “I got into this because I wanted to be someone that bridged that negativity, that bridged that divisiveness. And now we have a president that I believe is actively trying to create that divide.”

Graham has made standing up to Donald Trump a consistent theme of her campaign. She has taken him on to protect the Affordable Care Act, challenge his plans to drill off Florida’s beaches and defend Floridians from his divisive attacks.