Gun Safety

As a mother, Gwen is heartbroken by the gun violence in our state. As a Floridian, she is incensed. And, as governor, she is ready to turn our anguish into action.

Gwen believes we can live in a Florida with fewer gun deaths, free from mass shootings, where every Floridian feels safe. But to save lives and build that safer Florida, we must take meaningful action: we must pass common sense gun safety laws.

When she ran for Congress, the NRA and gun lobby spent nearly $300,000 against her — but it didn’t work. Gwen beat the gun lobby and the A-rated, Republican Congressman they endorsed.

After the devastating Pulse Attack, while Governor Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature refused to act, Gwen joined Congressman John Lewis and House Democrats in the sit-in to demand common sense gun safety. She co-sponsored legislation that would save lives: “No Fly, No Buy” to prevent suspected terrorists from purchasing guns; a national universal background check system; and legislation to notify the FBI when an individual investigated for terrorism attempts to purchase a gun.

On February 14th, the nation watched in horror as children ran for their lives from an active shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. In a matter of minutes, 17 people were killed, more than a dozen were critically injured, and countless lives were changed forever.

Following the shooting, Gwen re-iterated her proposals for gun safety, and she called on Governor Rick Scott to immediately suspend the sale of assault weapons until the legislature passed real gun safety legislation.

As governor, Gwen will fight to:

  • Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines;
  • Implement comprehensive universal background checks on all gun sales to stop criminals and terrorists from purchasing guns;
  • Require abusers to surrender firearms when a protective order is issued against them to protect victims of domestic violence;
  • Invest in mental health and give law enforcement the tools they need to prevent those with serious mental illness from purchasing or keeping firearms.

As the wife of a law enforcement officer, Gwen understands the sense of protection and safety a firearm can provide to those properly trained on how to use them. She won’t allow the NRA to turn this into a false Second Amendment vs. Gun Safety debate. She respects law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen — and believes we can respect their rights while saving lives in Florida.

We need smarter gun laws to keep our streets, our schools, our sanctuaries — whether it’s a church in Charleston or a club in Orlando — safer.

Gwen Graham
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