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Gwen never expected to run for public office. After graduating from college and law school, Gwen worked in the private sector as an attorney and then focused on starting a family and raising her three children. She volunteered to serve on her children’s school advisory board and as PTA president, before working for her local school district and serving in Congress.


Over the past twenty years, politicians in Tallahassee abandoned their responsibility to educate Florida kids, protect our environment and foster an economy that gives every family an opportunity to get ahead.

Gwen believes it’s time for government to care about people again and to put Florida families first. She knows that by working together, we can bring common sense back to Tallahassee and make our state work for us.


Gwen will end high-stakes testing and put teachers and parents back in charge of our schools.


Gwen is leading the fight to protect our environment. She is dedicated to reversing course and committed to putting Florida back on a path of conservation to protect our clean air and waters.


We live in beautiful Florida. It should not be just the tourists and millionaires who enjoy our state — every Floridian should be able to enjoy all Florida has to offer.


Gwen believes healthcare is a human right and that insurance companies shouldn’t decide who lives or dies.

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